Fledgling’s Flight Side Stories

The stories below are series of short, side-stories for the 5E D&D Campaign “Fledgling’s Flight”.

They cover events which occur outside the scope of the play that happens at the table, generally involving NPCs who’ve appeared in the session in question, with the intention of fleshing out the world a bit more and breathing some life into the people who inhabit Faerun with the players.


FF002 – Linan’s Story
This story takes place just after the second session of the campaign and covers what happens with the family the PCs saved from kobolds.

FF003 – Genro’s Story
As the party battled through town, they stumbled on a family who had been captured by kobolds. This is the father Genro’s story.

FF004 – Markguth’s Inspiration
The defenders within the keep didn’t know how they could survive. This is the story of how one of them found the strength to go on.

FF005 – Jena’s Command
Defending the town means more than defending the keep, but it takes something special to risk deadly a confrontation with the raiders, something, and someone.

FF006 – Jhim’s Worth
What’s the value of the life of a failure? Is it measured in their actions or deeds, or in what someone else is willing to pay to preserve it?

FF007 – Khem’s Decomposition
What becomes of those pledged to evil when they meet an evil end?

FF008 – Kakrosh’s Prayer
It takes more than an ugly heart to make a true monster.

FF009 – Nighthill’s Accounting
The attack on Greenest is over, but do the wounds to the town run too deep?

FF010 – Glek’s Screams
Not all who fall, fall in battle, or even knew a battle had begun.

FF011 – Kial’s Night Out
Sometimes a peaceful dinner is just too much to ask for in a world on the brink of war.

FF012 – Garth’s Rage (Part 1)
Where does a Berserker begin? What vile fate can lead someone to be so swallowed by hate?

FF013 – Garth’s Rage (Part 2)
What life is there in being a weapon used only by a Cult of evil?

FF014 – Garth’s Rage (Part 3)
Where can hope be found for a soul that has been lost?

FF015 – Angus’s Cargo
A river always changes, but somethings will always stay the same.

FF016 – Salagorth’s Gambit
When new blood replaces old, more blood may flow than intended

FF017 – Pergil’s Duty
For a faithful man, duty will lead them till the end of their days


FF-Aie-001 – The Calling
Aiemethia receives a formal call to stand as a Paladin.