The Soul’s Fortress

The Soul’s Fortess is the fourth book in the Pact Knight Chronicles. In place of a single narrative though it will be composed of a series of short stories that cover people and situations within the Blessed Realms that fell outside the scope of the initial trilogy.

Chapter 1 – The Madness That Runs from Parent to Child (Iana, Yuehne)

Chapter 2 – Playing with Shadows (Jyl, Pelay, {Iana}, {Yuehne})

Chapter 3 – Irregular Stones (Brenn, Jyl, Pelay)

Chapter 4 – Hidden Claws (Daloth, Jyn, Breen, Pelay, Che-chara, Keeper Qui-kel, Iana)

Chapter 5 – Negotiating the Terrain (Che-Chara, Keeper Qui-kel, Jyl, Iana, Daloth, Brenn, Pelay)

Chapter 6 – Unspoken Words (Qui-kel, Iana, Jyl, Che-Chara, Daloth, Grun)

Chapter 7 – The Fixer Upper (Grun, Qui-Kel, Ethgred, Pelay, Iana)

Chapter 8 – Run Away with Me (Yuehne, Pelay, Iana)

Chapter 9 – The Anvil of Fate  (Venita, Iana, Yuehne)

Chapter 10 – Losing Darkness (Wynni, Gendaw, Silian the Silent)

Chapter 11 – Steel (Gendaw, Wynni, Silian)

Chapter 12 – Trouble Comes Calling (Gertrude, Venita, Iana, Yuehne)

Chapter 13 – Quiet Voices (Londela, Gertude, Iana, Yuehne, Venita)

Chapter 14 – Going Off Script (Koblani, Pergrez)

Chapter 15 – Instincts (Daggrel, Iana, Yuehne, Londela, Venita, Gertrude)

Chapter 16 – Visitors Expected and Unexpected (Oline, Daggrel, Iana, Londela, Yuehne, Wynni, Gertrude, Gendaw, Silian)

Chapter 17 – Misdirections (Tonel, Kongrave, Pilial)

Chapter 18 – Observations (Lagressa, Iana, Wynni, Getrude, Venita, Gendaw, Yuehne, Londela, Daggrel)

Chapter 19 – The Power of Illumination (Lagressa, Wynni, Iana, Yuehne, Daggrel, Gertrude, Venita, Gendaw)

Chapter 20 – Rousing Ire (Miaza, Gendaw, Iana, Wynni, Shippu, Lagressa, Silian)

Chapter 21 – Next Steps (Iana, Lagressa, Wynni, Venita, Londela, Daggrel, Gertude, Yuehne, Venita)

Chapter 22 – Recruiting (Nelosa, Venita, Wynni, Gendaw, Iana, Silian, Tonel)

Chapter 23 – Looking for Trouble (Lipa’roon, Pelay, Jyl)

Chapter 24 – Small Mix Ups (Ki’artha, Lipa, Glyra, Jyl, Pelay)

Chapter 25 – Second Waves (Glyra, Jyl, Lipa, Kai, Pelay)

Chapter 26 – In the Dark (Adorel, Jyl, Pelay, Lipa, Glyra, Dorokath)

Chapter 27 – The Overlooked (Dorokath, Tonel, Glyra, Iana, Semsblaine)

Chapter 28 – What Gazes Back (Iana, Wynni, Yuehne, Lagressa, Silian)

Chapter 29 – The Call (Chanolsa, Nelosa, Wynni)

Chapter 30 – Bringing the Word (Bellightra, Lelandra, Silian, Jafferal)

Chapter 31 – To a New Day (Undine, Iana, Eorn, Jyl, Iana, Bellightra, Lelandra, Tonel, Silian)

Chapter 32 – Family (Iana, Dae, Alari, Yuehne, Che-Chara, Wynni, Venita)