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There are a number of different “starting points” for the stories that you’ll find here.

The Current Series

Clockwork Souls

A storm wind blows across the Divine Realm of the Three Peaks threatening to tear apart an empire that has stood for over a thousand years.

This is her story.

Clockwork Souls has new chapters every Sunday and Thursday!

Two Hearts One Beat

It’s easy for life to get pretty mixed up but what do you do when your life gets mixed up with someone else’s so badly that you wake up in their body and they wake up in yours? Nia and Yasgrid have to figure out how to fix a cosmic mistake that might not be a mistake after all.

Two Hearts One Beat has new chapters every Tuesday!

Completed Works

Broken Horizons

The horizon of our world defines how far we can see, but what happens when we reach into other worlds, or when those other worlds reach out to us?

The Second Chance Club

Life doesn’t always play its cards fairly, but if you write a letter to the Second Chance Club, you just might get another shot at making it turn out ok.

Hidden Pages

Book show us other worlds and other lives, but what if you could travel to this places? What hidden things would you find, and what things would you be able to hide from?

Gamma City Blues

Ai comes from a family of career cops. In the Gamma City mega-metro area though good cops don’t tend to fare so well, which is why Ai’s plans have nothing to do with being good at all.

  The Pact Knight Chronicles

The Pact Knight Chronicles tell the story of Daelynne Akorli, a transforming magically armored Knight, and the country of Gallagrin which she fights for.

The Mind’s Armor is the first book of the Pact Knight Chronicles. It follows Daelynne from her first meeting with a vampire to a conspiracy that threatens to bring down the kingdom.

The Spirit’s Blade is the second book of the Pact Knight Chronicles. Gallagrin is faced with war, but are its most dangerous enemies outside of its borders or within?

The Heart’s Oath is the third book of the Pact Knight Chronicles. The Heart’s Oath follows Dae and Alari as they strive to avert the “century of bloodshed” and the wars that will rage in the wake the fall of the divine edicts of peace.

The Soul’s Fortress is the fourth book in the Pact Knight Chronicles. It’s a collection of short stories that explore other characters and events in the Blessed Realms.

Accidental Magic

What if there was a world just slightly to the side of our own. One where witches and goblins and spirits lived and worked and went about their daily business with none of us the wiser. What if you wandered into that world (which normal folk shouldn’t do) and discovered that when you wandered out, you weren’t quite normal yourself anymore?

The Accidental Witch is the first book in the Accidental Magic series, beginning with Penny’s discovery of a talking cat named September and her discovery that there are parts of herself which she never dreamed existed before.

The Accidental Familiar is the second story in the Accidental Magic series and is told from September’s point of view as he has a run in with the last person he ever expected to see again.

The Accidental Goblin is the third story in the Accidental Magic series and is told (mostly) from Betty’s point of view. She’s a goblin and goblin’s are born to wreck magical effects. But then there’s her best friend who’s an enchanter, with gifts that lie in creating wondrous items of all kinds. They come from different worlds, but sometimes that’s not enough to keep people apart.

The Accidental Ghost is the fourth story in the Accidental Magic series, and focuses on Heather, the ghost. Life is strange, but life as a ghost is stranger still. With the loss of her memories and the loss of the safe places where she knew to hide from the hungry shadows that pursue her, Heather’s left with only one thing to rely on, the one thing she’s found as a ghost; her new friends.

The Accidental Nightmare is the fifth story in the Accidental Magic series and focuses on Nan, a Nightmare who didn’t go back into dreams when their sleeper woke. Can you find peace in the waking world, when your essence is that of terror and mayhem?

Resetting the Sun

The 2016 NaNoWriMo effort! Mava’s a hundred thousand years old. Does she have time for the war that destroyed her world and erased her people from existence to flare back up again in the modern day, and if not, what can she do to stop it? 30 chapters in 30 days once again!

The World That Ends In Fire

This was my NaNoWriMo 2015 story of astrophysicists, world wide catastrophes and, of course, giant monsters. 30 chapter in 30 days and a complete story of roughly 57k words!

The Crystal Stars Saga

This was the second series I wrote on Storytreader. It’s a space, fantasy adventure tale of a girl who starts with a lot of martial arts training but no magic in a galaxy where everyone can cast spells and follows her journey from a street brawl onwards to the moments when she holds the fate of worlds in her hands.

Mel’s tale starts in The Seas of Tomorrow, where she discovers the powers she holds and tries to survive an attack on her home world by the force of one of the galaxies most powerful warlords.

Her story continues in The Winds of Yesterday, where she travels to Hellsreach and learns the secrets of the war torn planet.  The Horizon of Today finds her dealing with the events of The Winds of Yesterday and trying to help a new world arise as a safe home for people who’ve spent their lives in conflict.

The Compass of Eternity picks up a few years later as a call for help leads Mel and her friends to a world bound by fate and overflowing with ghosts.

The Journey of Life is the final book in the saga and has a different format from the rest. Like “The Longest Battle” which ended the Dreamlit Chronicles, the Journey of Life is a collection of short stories which explore various characters and locations which the main novels weren’t able to touch on.

Fantastic Tales: The Doom That Came to Brassport!

This was my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel. It’s a collection of 30 short stories, each told from a different character’s perspective. The story is linked to the Dreamlit World Chronicles in that it takes place in Jin’s hometown of Brassport and features some of the super heroes that she encounters in The Hollow Half. Though it’s told in short story format, the chapters do form a continuous narrative to tell a greater overall tale.

 The Dreamlit World Chronicles 

This series was the first I wrote on Storytreader. It begins with “The Hollow Half“, where we meet Jin and follow her journey from living as a normal girl in a world of super heroes, evil faeries and alien invasions to becoming something a whole lot more.

The next two books in the Chronicles, “The Broken Bonds” and “The Imperfect Mirrors” expand on that “something a whole lot more” and show Jin in different milieu’s.  The books are intended to be stand alone, but reading them in order will let you watch my progression as a writer.

The fourth book in the series, “The Longest Battle” is a short story anthology. The stories are written from a variety of perspectives and cover not only Jin and Way but also the people whose lives they they touch.

Short Stories

From time to time, I write completely stand-alone stories. These go up in the “Short Stories” section of the site.

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