The Accidental Nightmare

Nightmare’s aren’t real. They’re phantasms conjured up to give form to our fears. What if one of them didn’t want to go away though when you woke up? What if they had other ideas for how their story was going to go? Would you trust a Nightmare to walk among the waking? Even if that meant that the world might become far more terrifying in its wake?

Chapter 1 – Penny, Shadow, Nan
Chapter 2 – Nan, the Nightmare Queen, Penny
Chapter 3 – Nan, Penny, Shadow
Chapter 4 – Nan, Willowbrook
Chapter 5 – Nan, Willowbrook, (Dry River)
Chapter 6 – Nan, Dry River
Chapter 7 – Nan, Dry River
Chapter 8 – Nan, the Fisherman
Chapter 9 – Nan, Mike
Chapter 10 – Nan, Mike
Chapter 11 – Nan, Penny, Betty, Rosie, Heather
Chapter 12 – Nan, Grandma Apples, Penny, Rosie, Betty, Heather
Chapter 13 – Nan, Grandma Apples, Penny, the Nightmare Queen