Resetting the Sun

Mava and Nyka are the last survivors of a war that raged before human history. As the twilight of their lives approaches, the great cycles turn and in the rebirth of their world ours may fall to the same ruin that claimed theirs.

This is my NaNoWriMo 2016 effort, so, unlike the other stories here, updates should come daily! Please tune in for the ride to come! Hopefully it’ll be a fun one!

Chapter 1 – Drinking to Forget the Future (Mava, Nyka)

Chapter 2 – Old Souls New Faces (Mava, Nyka, Gwen, Samantha)

Chapter 3 – Mild Disagreements (Mava, Nyka, Gwen)

Chapter 4 – Wearing a New Mantle (Gwen, Gwena, Mava, Nyka)

Chapter 5 – The Other Side of the Tale (Sondra, Kelian)

Chapter 6 – Descending to New Heights (Sondra, Kelian)

Chapter 7 – Tea with My Enemy (Mava, Gwen, Nyka, Ally)

Chapter 8 – The World Calls (Mava, Nyka, Gwen, Ally)

Chapter 9 – Falling Hard (Mava, Nyka, Gwen, Ally)

Chapter 10 – Planning to See Tomorrow (Nyka, Kelian)

Chapter 11 – Picking It All Up Off the Floor (Mava, Ally, Gwen, Iishil)

Chapter 12 – Naming the Stakes (Nyka, Sondra, Kelian)

Chapter 13 – Chasing the Flames (Mava, Gwen, Ally, (Zia))

Chapter 14 – The Past Escaped (Renata, Mava, Ally, Gwen)

Chapter 15 – Honorable Foes (Ally, Mava, Daranth, Renata, Gwen)

Chapter 16 – Dueling Fates (Ally, Mava, Daranth, (armored warrior woman) )

Chapter 17 – New Objectives (Mava, Renata, Ally, Gwen)

Chapter 18 – What We Want to Hear (Nyka, Sondra, Kelian)

Chapter 19 – Unforgettable (Gwen, Ally, Mava)

Chapter 20 – A Matter of Trust (Mava, Gwen, Ally, Renata)

Chapter 21 – Crossing the Line (Gwen, Nyka)

Chapter 22 – The Ill Fitting Crown (Sondra, Kelian)

Chapter 23 – Gathering a Storm (Ally, Mava, Renata)

Chapter 24 – The Scientific Method (Gwen, Nyka, Kelian)

Chapter 25 – Storming the Castle (Renata, Fire’s Wrath, Mava, Ally)

Chapter 26 – The Two Queens

Chapter 27 – The Courage of Peace

Chapter 28 – Ascending to Tomorrow

Chapter 29 – Rewriting the Future

Chapter 30 – Blowing Up the World