In place of a single continuing epic, the web serials that I’ve written are broken up into novels. You can find links to each of the series below. Comments and thoughts are always welcome!

The horizon of our world defines how far we can see, but what happens when we reach into other worlds, or when those other worlds reach out to us?

Clockwork Souls (ongoing!)

A storm wind blows across the Divine Realm of the Three Peaks threatening to tear apart an empire that has stood for over a thousand years.

This is her story.

Two Hearts One Beat (ongoing!)

It’s easy for life to get pretty mixed up but what do you do when your life gets mixed up with someone else’s so badly that you wake up in their body and they wake up in yours? Nia and Yasgrid have to figure out how to fix a cosmic mistake that might not be a mistake after all.

Broken Horizons

The horizon of our world defines how far we can see, but what happens when we reach into other worlds, or when those other worlds reach out to us?

The Second Chance Club

Life doesn’t always play its cards fairly, but if you write a letter to the Second Chance Club, you just might get another shot at making it.

Gamma City Blues

Ai comes from a family of career cops. In Gamma City though good cops don’t fare so well, so Ai’s plans don’t include anything like being a good one.

Hidden Pages

More things hide in the pages of a book than just a good story and intriguing characters, but what if you found that one of those things could be you?

The Pact Knight Chronicles

The Pact Knight Chronicles tells the story of Daelynne Akorli and the country of Gallagrin which she fights for.

In her words; “Gallagrin is a corrupted country. We’re liars, cheats and betrayers. We follow no divine mandate, we respect no treaties and we hold to no laws except the ones that we can twist to our wills. In the end we have but one saving grace: everyone else is a hundred times worse.”

Accidental Magic

The Accidental Magic series is follows Penny, the Accidental Witch, and the people and creatures she encounters as they explore a world that’s much more than it appears to be.

The Crystal Stars Saga

This series tells the story of Mel Watersward. Mel’s a girl who grew without any magical talent in a galactic society where everyone had some ability to work with “anima”. Not willing to be a helpless victim, she trained in extensively in martial arts but it wasn’t until her world came under attack that she learned what she was truly capable of.

The Saga follows Mel from her beginnings on Belstarius, a world outside the fledgling “Crystal Empire”, through the adventures she has as she travels the galaxy.

The Dreamlit World
The first three novels I’ve released on Storytreader focus on the same protagonist, a girl named Jin Smith and cover her adventurers across both reality and unreality.

Fantastic Tales
More stories set in “Brassport” the fictional city that Jin hails from. These stories cover the other characters, both heroic and not, who inhabit the world.

Like the western super hero settings that I grew up with, Brassport is a melting pot/kitchen sink for any and all concepts. Strange space aliens, high tech gadgeteers, mutants, super spies, and sorcerers all co-exist side-by-side.

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