Short Stories

This page holds links to short stories with descriptions.

Always Connected – This was a birthday present to my Mom, who has inspired me in countless ways and always been there for me.

Lighting the Path – This was a present for my Dad’s 70th Birthday! Like Gaius, my Dad still has a lot to show the generations who follow in his footsteps.

New Beginnings – This was a Father’s Day present for Dad, who blazed the path that I followed and who has inspired me just like my Mom has.

Fledgling’s Flight Side Stories – These are stories inspired by the 5e D&D Campaign “Fledgling’s Flight”. They cover events which happen “off screen” from the action at the (virtual) table.

The Tragic Tale of the Spider and the Fairy – Inspired by a friend’s tweet, this story is both fanfiction and fairy tale.

Under the Mask – This was a special bonus Halloween Story for 2014. Though they’re never named as such, Jin, Way and Kari do appear in the story which makes it technically a bonus story for the Longest Battle anthology too.

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