In place of a single continuing epic, the web serials that I’ve written are broken up into novels. You can find links to each of them below. Comments and thoughts are always welcome!

The Accidental Witch

When Penny rescues a cat from a trio of Boggins, she discovers three unexpected things; his name is September, he can talk and she’s become a witch quite by accident!

The Crystal Stars Saga

This series tells the story of Mel Watersward. Mel’s a girl who grew without any magical talent in a galactic society where everyone had some ability to work with “anima”. Not willing to be a helpless victim, she trained in extensively in martial arts but it wasn’t until her world came under attack that she learned what she was truly capable of.

The Saga follows Mel from her beginnings on Belstarius, a world outside the fledgling “Crystal Empire”, through the adventures she has as she travels the galaxy.

The Dreamlit World
The first three novels I’ve released on Storytreader focus on the same protagonist, a girl named Jin Smith and cover her adventurers across both reality and unreality.

Fantastic Tales
More stories set in “Brassport” the fictional city that Jin hails from. These stories cover the other characters, both heroic and not, who inhabit the world.

Like the western super hero settings that I grew up with, Brassport is a melting pot/kitchen sink for any and all concepts. Strange space aliens, high tech gadgeteers, mutants, super spies, and sorcerers all co-exist side-by-side.

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